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Your travel plan will need to include a detailed monitoring strategy which will need to set out how the performance of your travel plan will be assessed.

All travel plans must include modal share targets in a standard form so they can be input into iOnTRAVEL. Your monitoring strategy will need to set out how travel data is to be collected (on an annual basis) using SCC's standard survey templates.

Final targets must be set at the time of agreeing the travel plan, and will not be able to be deferred or set at a later date.


All actions in your travel plan, and targets for modal share (over a period of five-years following the occupation of each part of your development) will need to be entered into iOnTRAVEL as soon these have been agreed between Somerset County Council and the developer.

You should follow the Contents Checklist  and the guidance if you need any further help with preparing or implementing your monitoring strategy.  You can also download tools to help you prepare the information in the necessary form, and guidance on entering this information into iOnTRAVEL.

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