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Rights of way closures in Somerset


You can find a summary table below of rights of way works and closures in Somerset. 

DistrictParish and pathType of workExpiry date
West SomersetStogursey Hinkley Point CLong term rights of way closures at... 
West SomersetStogursey Bridleway WL 23/59Dangerous bridge24 November 2019
Taunton DeaneWellington footpath WG 17/36Unsafe structures03 October 2019
Taunton DeaneOake and Milverton Footpaths WH 9/20 WG...Bridge repairs02 August 2019
Taunton DeaneBishops Hull Footpath T 3/12Dangerous bridge16 May 2020
Taunton DeaneWellington Footpath WG 17/34Dangerous bridge16 May 2021
Taunton DeaneNorton Fitzwarren Footpath T 18/9Dangerous bridge16 May 2020
Taunton DeaneOtterford Bridleway T 20/26Surface repairs20 June 2020
Taunton DeaneWellington footpath WG 17/17Building developement02 October 2019
Taunton DeaneWest Buckland Footpath WG 14/1 Dangerous bridge04 January 2021
Taunton DeaneTaunton T 33/22 (Firepool)Dangerous Bridge14 January 2020
Taunton DeaneNorth Curry Footpath T 17/50Surface improvements14 July 2019
Taunton DeaneSampford Arundel footpath WG 10/14Dangerous bridge10 February 2021
Taunton DeanePitminster Footpath T 21/14Dangerous bridge21 February 2020
Taunton DeaneStaple Fitzpaine Footpaths T 23/2 &...Dangerous bridge07 March 2021
South SomersetKeinton Mandeville Footpath L 16/3Building development04 August 2020
South SomersetWest Coker Footpath Y 29/20Building developement21 July 2019
South SomersetTatworth & Forton Footpath CH 5/7Unsafe Bridge03 July 2019
South SomersetCharlton Musgrove footpath WN 8/10Unsafe bridges13 October 2021
South SomersetChillington Footpath CH 6/4Dangerous Bridge09 July 2020
South SomersetYeovilton and Limington Bridleway Y...Dangerous bridge16 May 2020
South SomersetHardington Mandeville Bridleway Y 10/27Dangerous bridge28 August 2019
South SomersetWest Crewkerne Footpath CH 27/23Bridge repairs04 November 2019
South SomersetWest Crewkerne footpath CH 27/22Dangerous bridge10 September 2019
South SomersetHigh Ham Footpath L12/17Bridge repairs16 April 2021
South SomersetBarwick Footpath Y 31/20Water Works20 November 2019
South SomersetAnsford Footpath WN 2/5Building Develepement01 June 2021
South SomersetLovington Footpath WN 15/5Railway works01 May 2020
South SomersetHuish Episcopi Footpath L 13/15Building Developement19 October 2019
South SomersetHolton and North Cheriton Footpath WN...Dangerous bridge07 March 2021
South SomersetBroadway Footpath CH 2/3Dangerous bridge24 February 2020
South SomersetYeovilton Bridleway Y 30/14Dangerous bridge27 February 2021
South SomersetSparkford Footpaths WN 27/1 5 & 7Water Works08 October 2019
South SomersetChiselborough Footpath Y 6/9Dangerous bridge10 October 2019
South SomersetCharlton Mackrell footpath L 6/11Dangerous bridge04 April 2021
SedgemoorCannington BW 5/20Building works15 October 2019
SedgemoorDurleigh and EnmoreFootpath BW 12/201 October 2019
SedgemoorBridgwater Footpath BW 38/18Building Developement11 November 2019
SedgemoorOtterhampton Footpath BW 25/31Wessex Water works05 May 2020
SedgemoorAshcott and Greinton Footpaths BW 1/23...Bridge repairs09 June 2019
SedgemoorChapel Allerton bridleway AX 12/31Dangerous bridge16 May 2021
SedgemoorChilton Trinity and Cannington footpath...River bank works10 October 2019
SedgemoorWedmore Bridleway AX 27/64 (Allermore...Surface repairs02 July 2019
SedgemoorWedmore Footpath AX 27/51Building developement03 July 2019
SedgemoorCheddar Footpath AX 13/7Quarry works21 July 2019
SedgemoorNorth Petherton Footpaths BW 23/78bridge installation01 September 2019
SedgemoorCannington BW 5/32Bridge works18 September 2019
MendipHolcombe Footpath SM 12/2Dangerous bridge14 March 2020
MendipWells Footpaths WS 17/28 WS 17/29 WS...Building Developement 06 September 2019
MendipLydford-on Fosse Footpath SM 14/22Bridge repairs26 November 2020
MendipNunney Footpath FR 12/44Dangerous bridge14 June 2019
MendipSt Cuthbert Out Footpath WS 10/79Dangerous bridge29 April 2020
MendipNorton St Philip Footpaths FR 11/13...Building Development01 May 2020
MendipLydford on Fosse Footpath SM 14/12Bridge repairs13 January 2020
MendipGlastonbury footpath WS 15/5Danger of wall collapse19 May 2020
MendipLeigh on Mendip and MellsRoad Works01 October 2019


Contact: Public Rights of Way
Address: Somerset County Council, County Hall, Taunton, TA1 4DY
Phone: 0300 123 2224
Fax: 01823 356114
Customer Contact Opening Hours: Monday 8am to 6pm, Tuesday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm, Saturday and Sunday closed.
Public Rights of Way Team opening hours: Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm, Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm, Saturday and Sunday closed.

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